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5cm2 Ultrasound Applicator
ComboCare Ultrasound and Electrotherapy Machine by Richmar
Hivamat 200 Deep Oscillation Connection Cable Snap
EMS 7500 Digital EMS UnitEMS 7500 Digital EMS Unit
Hivamat ElectrodesHivamat Electrodes
Richmar Hivamat Electrodes
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Patient lead wire Hivamat Evident Connection Cable
Hivamat Evident Trolley
 IF-4000 Interferential Unit
IF-4000 Series A/C Power Adapter IF-4000 Interferential Unit
Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation intensity 12
InTENSity Select Combo II
Light Cluster Probe Hands-Free SLD Light Therapy
Oscillator Head for HivamatOscillator Head for Hivamat
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