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Vanguard V6500 Centrifuge


Hamilton Bell Vanguard V6500 Centrifuge

VanGuard centrifuges are ideal for use in diagnostic, clinical, biology and chemistry labs, and physicians' offices. The constant speed motor and electronics are built for long life, smooth performance, and reliability. The VanGuard develops relatively high speeds (up to 3500 RPM) combined with a fixed angle design for optimum and efficient separation of blood and materials of varying densities and high deposition rates. The structural foam housing and polycarbonate cover are secured to a steel base

Six-place constant speed unit, compact size, UL and CSA approved.

Integral aerosol and splash protection.

Automatic shutdown when the cover is opened.

Maintenance-free brushless induction motor.

Removable line cord.

Specimen friendly low ambient temperature.

Motor meets CSA standards.

UL and CSA approved.

10 ML or 15 ML hardened aluminum shields.

Model V6500 - six-place constant speed unit with 60 minute timer (shown left)