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Richmar SuperStim Electrodes Case 10/pk

by Richmar

Premium Stim Electrodes 10/pk 

With over 45 years of experience manufacturing medical devices for electrotherapy, Richmar has gained the knowledge of what makes a superior stim electrode. SuperStim electrodes are just that — made with Leadstay, a proprietary gel acting as a bonding agent and moisture barrier. Leadstay creates a high tensile strength lead wire, and causes SuperStim electrodes to withstand moist heat therapy without delamination, allowing these two effective treatments to be conducted concurrently.

  • SuperStim Stim Electrodes are Available in Cloth or Foam, in a Variety of Shapes and Sizes
  • Electrode Lead Wires have a High Pull-Strength
  • Premium Dual-Layer 35 mil Gel, Formulated for Maximum Dry-Out Resistance
  • Optimum Distribution of Electrical Current Throughout the Electrode for Effective Stim Treatment
  • All Richmar Electrodes are Proudly Made in the USA


Each case of electrodes contains 10 packs / 40 electrodes.

*Except 3" x 5" (7.6 cm x 13cm) contain 20 electrodes per case. 


SuperStim Electrodes Brochure 



SuperStim Electrode, 2" Round Cloth

400-895, 10/PK

SuperStim Electrode, 2" Round Foam

400-894, 10/PK

SuperStim Electrode, 2x2" Cloth

400-899, 10/PK

SuperStim Electrode 2x2" Foam

400-898, 10/PK

SuperStim Electrode 3" Round Cloth

400-893, 10/PK

SuperStim Electrode 3" Round Foam

400-892, 10/PK

SuperStim Electrode 1.25" Round Cloth

400-864, 10/PK

SuperStim Electrode 1.25" Round Foam

400-869, 10/PK

SuperStim Electrode 1.5x3.5" Rec Cloth

400-858, 10/PK

SuperStim Electrode 1.5x3.5" Rec Foam

400-857, 10/PK

SuperStim Electrode 2x3.5" Rec Cloth

400-889, 10/PK

SuperStim Electrode 2x3.5" Rec Foam

400-888, 10/PK

SuperStim Electrode 3x5" Rec Cloth

400-854, 20/PK

SuperStim Electrode 3x5" Rec Foam

400-853, 20/PK

SuperStim Electrode 1.5x2.5" Oval Cloth

400-866, 10/PK

SuperStim Electrode 1.5x2.5" Oval Foam

400-868, 10/PK