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Schiller Treadmill TMX-428 for Stress Test


Schiller Treadmill TMX-428 for Stress Test 

Built-in the USA, and sold world-wide, can be interfaced with and controlled by a broad range of cardiac and pulmonary function stress testing systems, the TMX428 provides accurate and dependable service.


  • Smooth, quiet, zero-start, 4HP (6HP peak) hi-torque drive
  • 500 lb. patient capacity
  • Smooth, quiet linear actuator elevation system to 25%
  • Low-to-the ground, cushioned deck for patient comfort and safety
  • 22" x 63" (56cm x 160cm) running belt and safety handrails
  • Patented MasterTrack belt alignment system eliminates off-center running belts
  • Exceptionally accurate, self-calibrating speed and elevation
  • Prominent emergency stop button and patient safety tether
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Available as the TMX428CP with optional manual and programmable controller


Treadmill TMX-428 for Stress Test Brochure 


2-210046TMX110V Treadmill TMX-428 110v 60 Hz
2-210046TMX220V Treadmill TMX-428 220v 60 Hz Option