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Schiller AT-2 ECG - Certified Refurbished


CARDIOVIT AT-2 ECG By Schiller - Certified Refurbished 

Why compromise Performance and Reliability when you can have it all in one affordable ECG-System?

The AT-2 is a low-cost ECG system with performance features previously only available in high priced systems. Using the latest design and manufacturing technology, the AT-2 provides A4 reports within seconds at the touch of a button. Optional is an automatic measurement and interpretation program as well as a trolley.

• Full-size A4 reports to fit patient charts
• Powerful battery, which lasts for 400 recordings or 6 hours
continuous use
• Built-in thermal printer
• Up to 20 different printout formats
• Realtime printout of 6 channels with 5, 10, 25 oder 50 mm/s
• Various recording rates
• Simultaneous 12 lead ECG acquisition
• Printouts in less than 20 seconds for immediate analysis
• Auto printout of all 12 channels on 1 or 2 pages
• Copy function for an unlimited number of copies
• AC/DC power supply with built-in rechargeable battery,
built-in charger unit
• Portable – weighs only 4.8 kg
• labelled
• Meets or exceeds U.S. and international quality standards


Zona Med Equipment: AT-2 Non-Interpretive ECG brochure


Technical Specifications 


Dimensions: 400 x 330 x 101 mm, approx. 4.8 kg
Power supply requirements: 220 – 240 V (nominal), 50/60 Hz or 100 – 115 V
(nominal), 50/60 Hz independent operation with built-in rechargeable battery,
LED indication for mains and battery, built-in charger unit
Power consumption: Max. 28 VA
Battery charging time: 15 hrs. from a completely discharged battery,
3 hrs. to 60 % capacity
Battery capacity: 6 hrs. of normal use or 400 automatic ECG printouts
Frequency range of digital recorder: 0 Hz – 150 Hz (IEC/AHA)
Patient input circuitry: Fully floating and isolated, defibrillation protected
(only with original SCHILLER patient cable)
Control panel and keyboard: User-friendly key pad, LED indicators
LED indicators:
- Lead group
- Mains connected
- Battery operation and low battery (indicator flashes)
- Paper tray empty or jammed
- Filter status (on/off)
- Loose electrodes
Leads: 12 simultaneous leads: Standard / Cabrera
Myogram (muscle tremor) filter: Adjustable at 25 or 35 Hz (also for
copy function)
Line frequency filter: Distortion-free suppression of superimposed
50 or 60 Hz sinusoidal interferences by means of adaptive digital filtering

ECG amplifier:
- Simultaneous, synchronous recording of all 9 active electrode signals
(= 12 leads)
- Sampling frequency: 1000 Hz
- Pacemaker detection: Amplitudes from ± 2 to ± 700 mV and pulse widths
from 0.1 to 2.0 ms