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R37A-HF 2 Channer Tone and Speech Testing Clinical High Frequency Audiometer


R37A-HF 2 Channer Tone and Speech Testing Clinical High-Frequency Audiometer

Compact dimensions, excellent ergonomics, and a luminous 7” TFT display: R37A Resonance® Audiometer has been engineered to respond to the needs of ENT and Audiology Specialists, operating both in a clinic and medical practice. Design is user-friendly and allows both device and accessories to be safely carried around in a practical carrying case, available on demand.

Test Types: 
• Pure Tone test, Autothreshold, ABLB, Speech Test, Stenger, DLI, SISI, Bekesy, Tone Decay, MLB,
Multifrequency, GAP, DLF (Difference Limen for Frequency), High frequency up to 20 KH

In the box:

• DD45 headset for audiometry testing
• HDA300 headset for high-frequency test
• B71W bone conductor
• Insert-Transducer (for bone conduction masking)
• Operator headset with microphone and speaker
(talk over and monitor)
• Patient microphone (talkback)
• Internal speaker as monitor use
• Patient response pushbutton
• Built-in fast thermal printer
• 1 roll of thermal paper
• Power supply cable (110 - 220V)
• Device dust cover
• Quick Start User Guide
• Pen-drive
• SD-card with multilingual speech material
• Resonance® MDS software with NOAH® module that is capable of being read in CounselEar, Sycle, AUDdB and Blueprint for easy integration
• Spare fuse