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Resonance R27A Diagnostic Audiometer


R27A Diagnostic Audiometer

The R27A offers a complete range of diagnostic tests including air and bone conduction tests, SAL and speech audiometry. Speech
material in English and Spanish is recorded on the Resonance SD-card. Additional languages can be recorded on request. The R27A aims to simplify daily operations and maximize efficiency. Unique special tests as GAP, DLF, Quick-SIN and BKB-SIN are also available.

With compact dimensions, excellent ergonomics, and a luminous 7” LCD display, the R27A is the perfect solution to respond to the
needs of ENT and Audiology Specialists, the best solution for a growing practice. Easy-to use, functional design and portable, the
device and accessories can be safely transported in a durable luggage-grade padded carrying case, available on request.

High-quality components ensure device reliability as well as long-term operation. Recognized dependability matches with
efficiency. Test-report files, generated in PDF, can be initially stored on a USB-stick, then archived into external units or printed,
thanks to the built-in thermal printer. Reports can be easily edited and customized with additional text and logos.

Test Types 
• Pure Tone test, Auto-threshold, ABLB, Speech Test, Stenger, GAP, DLF
• Quick-SIN, BKB-SIN (available on demand)

In the box:
• DD45, ADC or HDA280 headset for audiometry testing
• IP30 Insert earphones
• B71W bone conductor
• Insert for bone conduction masking
• Patient microphone (talk back)
• Patient response push button
• Built-in fast thermal printer
• 1 roll of thermal paper
• Power supply cable (110 V)
• 1 spare fuse
• Device dust cover
• USB pen drive
• SD-card with multilingual speech material
• MDS* software

*See Brochure for specifications


Zona Med Equipment: R27A Diagnostic Audiometer by Resonance Brochure

General Specifications


• Pure Tone test, Auto-threshold, ABLB, Speech Test, Stenger, GAP, DLF

• Quick-SIN, BKB-SIN (available on demand)


• L x W x H: 14.5” x 11.4” x 7”

• Net Weight: 7.7 lbs.

• Body material: Bayblend® self-extinguishing


• Multilingual


• Built-in fast thermal printer with paper width: 4.4” supplied as standard part


• Printed on thermal paper

• PDF report created directly from the device and stored on USB pen drive with possibility to add patient data and tests comments via the USB Keyboard (optional).

• Data transfer to PC using MDS* software


• Nr.1 USB host type A

• Nr.1 USB slave type B


• MDS* software with reporting and printing features

• Compatible with Windows® 7, 8, 8.1, 10

• Data transfer via USB cable


Audiometry Specs 


• 125 - 8000 Hz (with DD45)

• 125 - 12500 Hz (with HDA280)

• 250 - 8000 Hz (with B71-W)


• Frequency < 0.5%

• Distortion < 1%

• Attenuator linearity 1dB per 5dB step, max 3dB whole range

• Range stimuli level -10 up to 120 dB HL


• Pure tone: sine wave

• Warble: ± 5% frequency sine wave modulated, modulation: sine wave 5 Hz

• Narrow band noise: 24dB/oct filtered noise

• Speech noise: 1khz 12dB/oct filtered noise

• White noise

• External signal

• External mike

• Speech material recorded on SD card

• On/Off rise – fall time: 40msec


• ACR, ACL: 10 ohm DD45 matched pair earphone, (alternatively HDA280, Insert earphones)

• BC: B71W RadioEar

• Free field output: 600 ohm impedance


• Presentation: Normal, Reverse, Extended (present tone for 1 second from 20dB below the maximum level)

• Modality: Continuous, Pulsed (rate 0.5; 1 and 2 Hz), Alternated (ABLB - 0.5, 1 and 2 Hz)