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R Series® BLS Defibrillator

by Zoll

 Taking Resuscitation to Heart


  • Guidelines 2005-compatible AED w/Real-CPRHelp®
  • Manual override
  • Real-CPR-Help for ALS
  • OneStep®
  • OneStep CPR Cable
  • Code Readiness testing system
  • Rectillinear biphasic technology
  • Compact flash card slot
  • 3 lead ECG cable w/AHA markings
  • Builtin port
  • Integrated AC Power (120 VAC/60 Hz)
  • 5-year hospital warranty

We understand that improving outcomes from cardiac arrest is in your hands. And we know it takes more than just a shock to increase survival rates from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). That’s why we’ve designed our R Series® monitor/defibrillators with easy-to-use technologies to help you consistently deliver high-quality CPR, provide optimal defibrillation and pacing treatments for all your patients, and manage your data to address critical quality improvements.

User-inspired Flexibility The R Series Plus is truly two devices in one. To meet the needs of BLS-trained responders, it powers on as an AED. But with the push of a button, it converts to a full-featured manual defibrillator for ALS responders.


R Series® BLS Defibrillator Brochure


R Series® Monitor/Defibrillator Basic Operation



CPR Challenge




  •  Standard Version: R Series® BLS.
    Includes: Guidelines 2005-compatible AED w/Real-CPRHelp®, manual override, real-CPR-Help for ALS, OneStep®, oneStep CPR Cable, code Readiness testing system, Rectillinear biphasic technology, Compact flash card slot, 3 lead ECG cable w/AHA markings, Builtin port, integrated AC Power (120 VAC/60 Hz), 5-year hospital warranty

  • R Series BLS basic plus OneStep pacing Cable (also supports CPR), OneStep Cable Manager, OneStep ECG leads

  • R Series BLS basic plus OneStep pacing: OneStep pacing Cable (also supports CPR), OneStep Cable Manager, OneStep ECG leads; Masimo Pulse Oximetry; Signal Extraction Technology, Motion tolerance, Reusable adult sensor, Reusable 4 foot extension cable