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Quinton Mortara Burdick Premier Eclipse ECG W/ Monitor Cart

by Burdick

Quinton Mortara Burdick Premier Eclipse ECG W/ Monitor Cart

Refurbished/Patient Ready

Quinton Eclipse Premier EKG Features:

  • SimplicityThe ECG machine is very easy to operate — anyone who has ever done a 12-lead ECG can run it within minutes.
  • ConvenienceThe full-size wireless ECG cart can be rolled anywhere in the facility: upload orders from your electronic medical record (EMR) system, run cardiac tests, and get immediate results.
  • EfficiencyPerform simultaneous 12-lead ECG acquisition, preview channels in automatic or manual mode on a color matrix display, and store up to 100 ECG reports.
  • Quality12-lead ECG machine produces clean tracings and stable baselines — you’ll get an accurate usable readout the first time.
  • ConfidenceECG machine uses the University of Glasgow ECG interpretation algorithm to consider five clinically significant criteria (gender, age, race, medication, and classification) — it gives you a silent second opinion.
  • ConnectivityEclipse Premier ECG machines are compatible with wireless 802.11 networks and Pyramis software. Complies with FAA requirements.
  • ToughThe Eclipse Premier is an ECG machine that is built to last — it’s durable and dependable.

Data Storage:

  • 100 patient records

Network Connections:

  • Wired:
    • 10/100 MBPS Ethernet via RJ45
  • Wireless:
    • Compatible with 802.11b or 802.11g wireless networks
  • Compact lash interface; Serial RS-232 (9-pin D); Telephone line interface (RJ11C)
  • Compatible with barcodes in the Code 128 barcode format. Configurable to users specific barcode schema


  • Printout device:
    • 216 mm thermal dot array
  • Paper dimensions:
    • 8.5 in x 11 in (US letter) or 210 mm x 300 mm (A4)
  • Paper type:
    • Thermal-sensitive