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NuPrep Skin Prep Gel

by Weaver

NuPrep Skin Prep Gel by Weaver and Company

1 box of 6 / 25 g tubes. 

Nuprep Skin Prep Gel effectively lowers impedance to improve your tracings. Its mild abrasive formula improves conductivity and helps achieve maximum efficiency with your equipment.

To achieve quality tracings, proper skin preparation at the electrode site is crucial. Nuprep's mild abrasiveness strips away the top layer of skin and moistens the underlying skin layer. This action lowers the skin impedance with minimal skin irritation and patient discomfort.

Nuprep Gel is valuable whenever a reduction of skin impedance would enhance performance of a monitoring electrode. Nuprep virtually eliminates problems such as diaphoresis and unwanted artifacts.

Most effective uses:

- Audiology
- Cardiac catheter monitoring
- Cardiac rehabilitation monitoring
- ECG telemetry
- EEG exams
- Evoked potential procedures
- Holter monitoring
- Sleep tests
- Stress tests