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Newman DD-300 Doppler Vascular Combo

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DD-300 Vascular Doppler Combo


  • DigiDop 300 Doppler 
  • 5MHz vascular probes
  • 8MHz vascular probes

The DD-300 vascular Doppler combo provides an easy and cost-effective way for you to perform basic vascular assessments. The powerful digital processor in the DigiDop performs a true auto-correlation calculation for fast, accurate heart rate. The display also indicates battery, volume, and signal strength status.

Superior sound quality

Our Dopplers have the sensitivity and audio response to allow you to hear nuanced vascular sounds quickly and clearly. All our DigiDops have our state of the art Digital Sound Clarity – DSC™. A sound processor in the main unit enhances the sounds you want to hear while reducing those you don’t. With DSC processing is optimally set for each different probe frequency.

The DigiDops speakers are small but powerful high fidelity speakers that have extraordinarily smooth and rich response over the whole range of Doppler sounds

5 & 8 Mhz Probes

All DigiDop vascular probes provide the sensitivity and reliability you need. All probes will work on all DigiDops for maximum versatility.   Our 5 and 8 MHz vascular probes work in conjunction with our digital DigiDop to optimize sounds for each probe. The main unit recognizes what probe is in use and automatically adjusts, frequencies and gains to provide you an optimal listening experience.  All our vascular probes have a smooth contour design that is comfortable to hold, comfortable for the patient, and easy to clean.

  • 5 MHz – vascular probe optimized for deeper vessels
  • 8 MHz – general purpose vascular probe. Optimized for superficial vessels.

Built to last

With our industry-leading five-year warranty we have made sure that the DigiDop will stand up to hard use day after day. The combination of our sturdy design and warranty can save you significant service costs.

The body is made of a mix of tough plastics with a unique stainless steel grill over the speaker. Our latest DigiDop’s smooth, clean lines are also more comfortable in the hand. The grill now has micro-screen openings to protect the speaker; the speaker itself has an internal sound transparent fabric cover to keep out dirt and dust.

Our unique magnetic probe holder won’t crack or break and gently cradles the probe when not being used. The strong magnets we use hold the probe without being sensitive to how it’s rotated. The open design avoids gathering dirt, gel and germs.

    Non-display vascular combo (DigiDop 300 with 5MHz & 8MHz vascular probes)


    Technical Specifications 


    • Level of Protection against electrical shock
    • Type B Applied Part
    • Class II Equipment
    • Designed to meet the following standards:
    • IEC60101-1; IEC60601-2; IEC60601-2-37
    • Dimensions-imperial (h x w x d): 6” x 2.5” x 1.25”
    • Dimensions metric (h x l x w): 152 x 64 x 32 mm
    • Weight (with batteries): 370 grams (13 ounces)
    • Operating Temperature: 10° to 40°C (50° to 104°F)
    • Operating Humidity: 30% to 75%
    • Transport/Storage Temperature: -20° to 50°C (-4° to 122°F)
    • Transport/Storage Humidity: 5% to 90%, non-condensing
    • Battery Voltage, type: 3 x 1.5 volts, AA Alkaline; 3 x 1.2 volts, AA NiMH
    • Battery Life: NiMH: 500, 1-minute exams; Alkaline: 750, 1-minute exams
    • Audio Bandwidth and power: 100Hz – 3000Hz, 1.0W
    • Heart Rate Calculation accuracy: +/- 3 BPM
    • Audio Cable Interface: 3.5mm stereo plug


    Newman DD-300 Doppler Vascular Combo Brochure 


    Industry Leading Five Year Warranty

    fetal doppler warranty

    All our DigiDop Dopplers come with a ‘bumper-to-bumper’ 5 year warranty. The warranty includes both parts and labor and covers not just the main unit but also the probes and cords. We can offer this outstanding warranty because our design and materials reduce the number and cost of warranty issues.

    Batteries and Smart Recharge System

    Never worry about batteries again with this outstanding and unique combination of premium batteries and Smart Recharging System – SRS™. We use batteries that can be recharged more than 2000 times – far more than usual rechargeable batteries. This reduces costs and waste significantly. These special batteries will maintain their charge for years when not being used. Our Smart Recharge System charges the batteries quickly but will not overcharge. The system will also detect if non-rechargeable batteries have mistakenly been inserted and will stop charging before causing damaging battery leakage. The DigiDop utilizes a standard micro USB connection so that confusion about whether the charger is the correct voltage or not is eliminated. These advanced batteries and the Smart Recharging System literally save you hundreds of dollars over the lifetime of the DigiDop.

    Made in the USA

    Our products are designed and manufactured near Denver Colorado, a long-time center for diagnostic ultrasound products. Each product, including each probe, is individually inspected and tested to assure quality and durability. We have a very experienced team that has been in the Doppler business for many years – back to the time the first fetal Dopplers were introduced.