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Newman D2 – 2MHz Obstetrical Probe

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2MHz obstetrical probe for use in later-term pregnancy.

D2 Obstetrical Probe

The 2MHz obstetrical probe is our later term obstetrical probe. It works especially well in later-term pregnancies or on larger patients. It may be used throughout the pregnancy but may have less sensitivity with earlier terms.


All DigiDop obstetrical probes provide the sensitivity and reliability you need. All probes will work on all DigiDops for maximum versatility.   Our 2 and 3 MHz obstetrical probes utilize our exclusive eXtended Depth – XD – technology that has increased sensitivity at closer depths without sacrificing it at deeper depths. These probes create more than six times as much signal at some depths that other probes. All our OB probes have a smooth contour design that is comfortable to hold, comfortable for the patient, and easy to clean.

  • The 2MHz probe is especially sensitive to later-term fetal hearts or larger patients.

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D2 2MHz obstetrical probe only Late Term Pregnancy


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