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Newman ABI System 450CL – Advanced Single Level + Exercise

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Newman ABI System 450CL – Advanced Single Level + Exercise


The 450CL performs lower extremity physiologic arterial exams including:

(i) ABI and ABI with Toe exams

(ii) ABI with Exercise and ABI Stress-Treadmill exams.


  1. PC with Software
  2. 4 port Cuff-Link with remote
  3. D8 Doppler probe, DPPG probe
  4. 2x10cm cuffs
  5. 2x12cm cuffs
  6. 2x2.5cm disposable digit cuffs,
  7. Roll stand
  8. User manual
  9. Quick reference guides

Tests Performed:

  1. simplePVR™ Exam
  2. ABI Exam
  3. ABI with Toe (TBI) Exam
  4. ABI with Exercise (93923)
  5. ABI Stress-Treadmill (93924)


Cuff-Link Main Control

The Cuff-Link main control unit is, quite simply, an integrated speed machine. The

simpleABI 450CL integrates:

  • An 4-port cuff selector (8-port shown)
  • Interchangeable Doppler probes
  • Pressure sensors
  • A pump
  • Control software

All of that integration makes exams easier and faster to perform while also reducing costly errors. 

Cuff-link Remote

The Cuff-link remote allows the user to step through the exam with remote push-button simplicity.

  • Easily move between sites
  • Large, easy to read display of the current cuff pressure.
  • Push button inflation
  • Automated cuff deflation insures accurate pressures.
  • One button waveform creation



      Powerful yet simpleABI 450CL software saves you time and is what sets the simpleABI systems apart. The software is an integrated part of the system; no separate downloading of the data is needed.

      • Automatic index calculations, avoiding potential errors
      • Automatically stores each exam with time stamp
      • Your logo and contact information can be shown on the report
      • Your physicians, operators and interpreters can be on drop-down editable menus
      • Drop down ICD-10 codes
      • Suggested CPT codes and interpretation of results are shown
      • Multiple and selectable formats to store the reports: PDF, TIFF, CSV, BMP, JPG
      • DICOM software is available as an option


      The 450CL software provides a complete set of tests and reports for lower extremity arterial evaluation. The tests that can be done with the simpleABI 450CL include:

      • Single Level Exams – Single level exams for diagnosing obstruction. Can be done using Doppler or PPG as pressure sensor. Meets equipment requirements for CPT code 93922.
        • ABI (Ankle Brachial Index) – with dual ankle Doppler pressures and PVR waveforms. This is the fundamental PAD exam.
        • ABI with Toe (Ankle Brachial Index + Toe or TBI) – with dual ankle Doppler pressures and PVR waveforms. PPG or Doppler can be used on toes. Typically used if the patient has calcified vessels the ABI cannot be obtained.
      • ABI Exercise Exams – Vascular exercise exams. Useful for pseudo claudication if the patient has PAD symptoms but the resting ABI is normal or questionable.
        • ABI with Exercise  Single level exam performed pre and post exercise. Can be done with provocative maneuvers or treadmill protocol. Meets requirements for CPT code 93923.
        • ABI Stress with Treadmill – Single level exam performed pre and post exercise. When used with the specified treadmill protocol meets equipment requirements for CPT code 93924.



      The Cuff-link includes a built-in Doppler using Newman Medical’s sensitive, interchangeable probes. Cuff-link Dopplers have the sensitivity and audio response to allow you to hear the blood flow sounds quickly and clearly.

      Our unique magnetic probe holder won’t crack or break and gently cradles the probe when not being used. The open design avoids gathering dirt, gel and germs.

      The Cuff-link speaker is a powerful high fidelity speaker that has an extraordinarily smooth and rich response over the whole range of Doppler sounds.

      Vascular sensors

      All Cuff-link vascular probes provide the sensitivity and reliability you need. All probes will work on all Cuff-links for maximum versatility.   Our 5 and 8 MHz vascular probes have a smooth contour design that is comfortable to hold, comfortable for the patient, and easy to clean.

      • 5 MHz probes provide excellent deep penetration for deeper arteries like the femoral, popliteal and brachial, and for deep veins
      • 8 MHz probes are especially sensitive for vessels near the surface like the radial, posterior tibial, and dorsalis pedis arteries.
      • Audio PPG probe. The DigiDop family of vascular probes also includes a unique PPG probe that generates audible sounds with each pulse. It is an excellent addition for obtaining pulses in the digits to assist in toe-brachial index or penile index measurements.
      • The simpleABI 450CL comes with 8 MHz and PPG probes; the 5 MHz is optional.


        The simpleABI 450CL system comes with a complete set of specialized vascular cuffs. They are a washable soft material over a non-latex bladder. The cuffs are long enough to completely encircle the limb. The set includes:

        • 2 x 10cm EZ-Clean Vasocuffs
        • 2 x 12cm EZ-Clean Vasocuffs
        • 2 x 2.5cm disposable digit cuffs


            The optional sturdy steel rolling stand for the simpleABI systems includes:

            • A wide five legged anti-tip base
            • A mounting plate for the computer and Cuff-link
            • Hooks on the mounting plate for storing the hoses
            • A basket for storing cuffs, gel, etc.


                Newman ABI System 450CL – Advanced Single Level + Exercise Brochure  


                Industry Leading Two Year Warranty

                All simpleABI Systems come with a 2 year warranty. The warranty includes both parts and labor and covers the Cuff-link box, the probes and cords. We can offer this outstanding warranty because our design and materials reduce the number and cost of warranty issues.

                Made in the USA


                Our products are designed and manufactured near Denver Colorado, a long-time center for diagnostic ultrasound products. Each product, including each probe, is individually inspected and tested to assure quality and durability. We have a very experienced team that has been in the vascular business for many years.