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Ionto+ Iontophoresis Electrodes for Drug-Delivery

by Richmar

Iontophoresis Electrodes for Drug-Delivery

1 Pack of 4 pieces. 

Ionto+ Iontophoresis Electrodes come in 4 sizes and capacities, providing more available drug delivery than some competing iontophoresis electrodes. Ionto+ Iontophoresis Electrodes contain synthetic pH stabilizing buffering agents in each electrode that guard against polarity shifts in the drug solution, helping to maintain consistent and efficient drug delivery throughout the iontophoresis treatment.

  • IontoIontophoresis Electrodes Feature a Larger Adhesive Area than Competing Iontophoresis Electrodes
  • IontoIontophoresis Electrodes Feature a Unique Silver-Silver Chloride Conductor which Yields Better Drug Delivery During Iontophoresis Treatments (Compared to Iontophoresis Electrodes Made with Carbon)
  • Ionto+ Iontophoresis Electrodes Feature Synthetic Buffering Agents for Additional pH Stabilization 
    • Helps to Prevent Effects of Hydrolysis
    • Offers Secure Adhesion of the Ionto+ Electrode to Skin
    • Provides Maximum Current Dispersion and Patient Comfort
  • No Water Needed to Activate the Adhesive of Ionto+ Electrodes, Leaving No Chance of Impurity Contamination from Water
  • Ionto+ Iontophoresis Electrodes are Proudly Made in USA



Ionto+  Iontophoresis Electrodes Brochure 



IontoPlus Butterfly, 2.0CC, 3mA

201-452, 4/PK

IontoPlus Small, 1.5CC, 3mA

201-455, 4/PK

IontoPlus Medium, 2.5CC, 3mA

201-449, 4/PK

IontoPlus, Large, 4.0CC, 3mA

201-453, 4/PK