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Edan iM8 Patient Monitor


iM8 12" Patient Monitor by Edan

3/5-lead ECG, RESP, NIBP, Edan SpO2, 2-TEMP, PR
Arrhythmia, S-T Analysis, OxyCRG, Large Font Display
120 Seconds Full-disclosure Waveforms Review
120 Hour Graphic and Tabular Trends Of All Parameters
Bi-directional Communications with Central Monitoring System
Customized alarm setting
Optional Configurations: Edan G2 CO2 / Philips CO2 (Sidestream or Mainstream), Thermal Recorder

The iM8 series places reliable monitoring technologies at your fingertips. With its accurate readings and optimized performance, the iM8 series can meet most basic monitoring needs, bringing easy access to high-quality healthcare for everyone.

The iM8 series patient monitor features a high-resolution color TFT-LCD screen and is suitable for patients of all ages: adult, pediatric, and neonatal. The iM8 provides a high level of healthcare for the patients it monitors with its built in Nurse call function and pitch tone, as well as pacemaker detection. The iM8 series patient monitor also has a unique iSEAP algorithm that is specially optimized for patients who suffer from arrhythmias and high blood pressure.

The iM8 series additionally includes defibrillation and electrosurgical interference protection, as well as the advanced iMAT SpO2 algorithm with exceptional motion resistance and low perfusion resistance performance. It is also equipped with bi-directional communication to the MFM-CMS central station, as well as a large storage capacity. The iM8 has passed the NIBP clinical validation process and features a VGA output.

The iM8 series features optional LAN/Wi-Fi capability that enables healthcare professionals to monitor their patients’ health status from virtually anywhere. Another optional feature is PatientCare Viewer software, which aids in data management and allows providers to log on from any PC/Tablet to check the status of patients. The iM8 patient monitor additionally offers the option to add Respironics CO2 that utilizes a dehumidification tube instead of a water tap and a low sampling rate of 50 mL per minute that is suitable for all types of patients. Another optional feature of the iM8 series patient monitor is the 2-IBP.

In the box:

Skin Temperature Probe
EDAN SH1 Adult Reusable SpO2 Sensor
Adult Cuff
NIBP Tube (3m) with connector
3-lead ECG integrative Cable with Leadwires, Snap (AHA) (Defibrillation)
Power Cord (USA standard)
Adult Disposable Adhesive Electrodes (Nonwovens), Snap(30pcs/pack)
Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery (14.8V, 4200mAh)
User Manual
Ground Cable



Zona Med Equipment: iM8 Patient Monitor Brochure by Edan