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Edan F2 Fetal Monitor


F2 Fetal Monitor

The F2 Fetal Monitor is capable of dual , TOCO, DECG, IUP, and fetal movement. Its extensive set of monitoring parameters and its lightweight, portable design make it perfect for obstetrical departments in both clinics and hospitals and for outpatient service.


- Technique: Ultrasound Pulse Doppler with autocorrelation
- Pulse Repetition Rate: 2 KHz
- Ultrasound Frequency: 1.0MHz +10%
- FHR Measurement Range: 50bpm ~ 240bpm
- Resolution: 1bpm
- Accuracy: +2 bpm
- /ob: <10mW/cm2

Standard Configuration:

- Main Unit
- 5.6” LCD screen
- Lightweight and portable design
- Display Waveforms and Digitals Simultaneously
- Support US/International Standard 150mm width recording paper
- FHR, TOCO, AFM, Fetal Movement
- High Resolution and Long Life Built-in Thermal Printer
- Fast Print Speed (History data): Up to 15mm/sec


- FHR Probe
- TOCO Probe (F2 without DECG and IUP Function)
- TOCO Probe (F2 with DECG and IUP Function)
- Event Marker
- Belt
- Ultrasound Gel(CE Mark, 250g)
- Recording Paper (90mm×152mm×150p, US Standard, per piece)
- T1.6AL Fuse
- Power Cord (European Standard)
- Power Cord (U.S.A. Standard)
- User Manual
- Quick Reference
- Guidance to Fetal Heart Monitoring
- Ethernet Cable
- Insight Connection Cable
- RS232 to USB Adapter and Driver CD (HL 340)
- Insight Software (CD)
- Insight Software User Manual
- Screwdriver



Zona Med Equipment: F2 Fetal Monitor Brochure