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Schiller AT-2 Light EKG - Refurbished


AT-2 Light - Certified Pre-Owned 

1-Year Warranty

CARDIOVIT AT-2 light – Why compromise performance and reliability when you can have it all in one affordable ECG-System?

SCHILLER's new AT-2 light offers the economics of a low cost unit with many of the high end features needed to care for your patients. The AT-2 light is a 12-channel ECG system offering battery operation of up to 6 hours, full size (8 1/2 x 11) reports to fit patient records, LCD screen and keyboard for easy entry of patient demographics and the option of Spirometry and interpretation.

No matter what your budget requirements are, SCHILLER has the product for you! World-renowned ECG technology

• Alphanumeric keyboard and big LCD for user friendly operation
• 6-channel print-out in realtime at 5, 25 or 50 mm/s
• Automatic print-out function for 6 and 12 channels on one or
two sides of the paper
• Fast, reliable, computer-aided ECG interpretation program
including complete measurement for adult and pediatric ECGs
• The repetition rate is cut to zero because the curve quality on
the print-out is optimized using the SSF SCHILLER Smoothing
Filter and the SBS SCHILLER Baseline Stabilizer.

Part Number: 9.028000C



Zona Med Equipment AT-2 Light ECG Schiller Brochure


Technical Specifications


400 x 330 x 101 mm; approximately 5 kg

Built-in monitor:
- 120 x 90 mm effective display area
- 320 x 240 dots resolution

On-screen status indicators:
- Battery status
- Date, time
- Power source

Control panel and keyboard:
User-friendly, alphanumeric keyboard, LED indicator and

Power supply requirements:
220 - 240 V (nominal), 50/60 Hz;
110 - 115V (nominal), 50/60 Hz; stand-alone operation with
built-in rechargeable battery. LED indicator for mains
operation, integrated power supply unit.

Battery capacity: Up to 3 hours of normal use


Patient input circuit:
Fully floating and isolated, defibrillation-
protected (only with original SCHILLER patient cable)

Monitor display:
- Filter status (on/off)
- Insufficient electrode contact
- Heart Frequency, HF

ECG amplifier:
- Simultaneous recording of all 9 active electrode signals
(= 12 leads)
- Sampling frequency: 1000 Hz
- Pacemaker detection: ≥ ± 2 mV/≥ 0.1 ms

12 simultaneous leads: Standard / Cabrera

Data record:
- Patient data (name, age, height, weight, BP), user ID
- Listing of all ECG recording conditions (date, time, filter)
- With optional measurement (M) and interpretation (C)
program: ECG measurement results (intervals, amplitudes,electrical axes), average complexes with optional measurement reference markings, guidance on interpreting adult and pediatric ECGs