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Tuttnauer Elara 11 Sterilizer B Class Vacuum—Post/P

by Midmark

Tuttnauer Elara 11 Sterilizer B Class Vacuum—Post/P

Top of the line high performance in a convenient small footprint.
The Elara 11 is a robust tabletop autoclave churning out powerful uninterrupted operation to deliver exceptional performance, efficiency and safety. Ideal for clinics and offices that need a real workhouse packed into a small footprint to keep pace with busy practices.

The Elara11 top-of-the-line tabletop autoclave is a robust Class B sterilizer for dental, medical and veterinary clinics requiring pre-post vacuum sterilization. A built-in vacuum pump used for fractionated pre-vacuum air removal eliminates air pockets from all load types and maximizes efficient steam penetration. After sterilization is complete, the vacuum pump delivers efficient post-vacuum drying.


  • Filling & Reservoirs
    Easy Fill for front or top access, and rear waste reservoir for continuous automatic wastewater drainage
  • 3 Key Pad
    Quick 3-key browsing through sterilization programs and directories
  • Self-locking door
    Ergonomically friendly door features effortless opening and closing. The automatic double safety locking mechanism ensures door is closed through dry cycle to maintain sterility
  • Multi-color LCD display
    Keep track of real-time data like program icon, cycle parameters, temperature and chamber pressure. Multi-language and easy to read even from a distance
  • Printer and USB Support
    Print detailed history of each cycle and store and transfer ~ 100 cycles of data
  • Network Port
    Convenient connectivity local networks for data sharing and remote monitoring using RPCR Software
  • Easily manage, analyze and print your data
  • Generate and print PDFs from cycle analysis (Optional R.PC.R software required
  • Real-time remote monitoring and automatic download of multiple autoclaves from PCs on local network (Optional R.PC.R software required)
  • Automatic download of cycle history to your PC (Optional R.PC.R software required)
  • Built in memory to store ~ 100 cycles of data
  • Optional printer which documents date & time, temperature, pressure, system message and alerts

Technical Specifications

  • Overall Dimensions (DxWxH)*
    26” x 20.9” x 17.3”
    660mm x 530mm x 440mm
  • Chamber Dimensions
    11” x 19.8”
    280mm x 504mm
  • Chamber Volume
    28.5 Liter
    7.5 Gallon
  • Tray Capacity
    5 Trays
  • Tray Dimensions
    16,3” x 6,7" x 0.6”,
    442mm x 177mm x 19mm
  • Standard Cassette Capacity
    4 Full & 4 Half**
    (loaded vertically)
  • Voltage & Frequency***
  • Power & Current
  • Shipping Weight
    186 Lbs
    84 kg

2 years parts and labor

* Minimum tabletop depth of 24”
** Standard full size cassette is 8”x11” and standard half size cassette is 8”x5.5”
*** Requires a voltage between 220V and 235V for proper operation. Voltage outside this area will require a buck/boost transformer (0.5kVA)




Zona Med Equipment: Tuttnauer Elara 11 erilizer B Class Vacuum Brochure